Why Some Wines Age Better Than Others

Wine that hasn’t been aged is no more than fruit juice. Wine that has been aged too long tastes vinegary and too tart. Like Goldilocks, you want your wine to be just right. Still, some wines age better than others. Here’s why.

Aging wine is dependent on a chemical process called oxidation – the interaction between oxygen and the acids, alcohol and polyphenols (things like tannins, color pigments and other flavor compounds) in the original juice. Phenols are particularly important, as a higher concentration of phenols and a deep color usually means the wines will spend more time in the aging process, leading to deep flavors with subtle differences due to the original strain or blend of grapes.

Terroir – the environment in which the grape is grown – includes factors such as climate, elevation and ground qualities. The same grape variety grown in a different terrior will produce a completely different wine. Terrior also has a strong effect on tannins, and the ripeness of a tannin is a major factor in how well a wine ages. Terrior and the richness of the soil also affect yield, as the grapes and their vines actually compete for nutrients. Higher yields typically mean fewer phenols. Finally, older grape vines tend to produce better-quality grapes.

Wine-Making Variations
Beyond the variety, environment and growing process, the wine-making process also makes a difference. For example, the length of time the grapes are left to macerate after they are crushed affects the amount of phenols extracted, as does the temperature at which the grapes are macerated. Adding sulfur dioxide limits oxidation but is necessary to the process; the amount and timing are critical. Filtration, yeasts and whether to age in oak barrels (including how new the barrels are) all affect wine aging.

There’s always anticipation when you open a wine bottle. Even when everything seems to be right, a wine may not age well. In other cases, a wine low in tannins and pale in color (which usually means it will age poorly) turns out to be surprisingly good 30 years later. The longest-lived white wines are found among Sauternes, German Beerenauslesen and Tokaji. Burgundies and Bordeaux are the classic red wines, while the wine known as Condrieu is not very suitable for aging in the bottle. Wine-making is an art because there are so many different factors that affect aging.


Engaging in Outside the Box Philanthropy

Philanthropists Don’t Have to be Rich

You don’t have to be a connected millionaire in order to be a philanthropist who gives back to the community. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have money to participate in philanthropic efforts. It also isn’t 100 percent necessary. There are many things you can do to do good for the community and planet. Glitzy fundraisers and charitable events aren’t the be-all and end-all in the philanthropic realm. If you want to be a philanthropist, you have to focus on your creative and imaginative side. Small kind gestures can mean so much in the world these days.

Purchase Coffee for Someone

Coffee can brighten a person’s day. If you want to make someone smile, offer to buy him coffee, no strings attached. If you see a coworker having a tough time, surprise him by getting him a warm and cozy cup of coffee from the shop across the street.

Visit a Children’s Hospital

It can be extraordinarily difficult to see children suffering. It can be particularly hard to see children who are suffering with illnesses. If you want to be a philanthropist who makes a difference in young peoples’ lives, you should do something good for your local children’s hospital. Purchase several toys from your nearest toy store. Donate them to the hospital. You may just make a sick child smile. That’s the best thing in the world!

Feed the Police Officers in Your Community

Police officers have some of the toughest jobs around. They often have to work long hours on weekends and holidays alike. If you want to bring a little cheer to the police station in your neighborhood, you should think about giving the cops on its staff the joy of freshly baked cookies or cupcakes. A sweet treat can often go a long way. It can go an especially long way on a tough night on the job. Keeping a community safe isn’t easy.

Volunteer to Take Care of Errands for Someone You Know

If you know someone who has a particularly busy schedule, volunteer to take care of errands for her for a day. You may know a single mother who holds down three jobs for her family. You may know someone who has recently dealt with some significant life changes. Find out if you can tackle any basic chores for her. Ask her if she wants to vent to someone, too.

Yuri Vanetik is a philanthropist, political coalition builder, and lover of wine.

Yes We CAN (Drink Wine From Cans)

Recently, I wrote a blog post on YuriVanetikWine.com about the influx of quality boxed wine in recent years. No longer just a way for college students to ensure their wine would stay good longer and allow for easier stacking of multiple containers, boxed wine has taken on a new life. And now, somewhat unsurprisingly, we can say the same about wine in a can.


Before I get in too deep here, let’s get something straight. Most boxed and canned wines aren’t going to touch the lips of true wine snobs. A box of Bota or can of Underwood isn’t going to be of the same quality as high end bottled wines–that’s just a fact. But at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with buying cheaper wine when the time calls for it. Not every bottle you drink has to cost in the triple digits–in fact, it shouldn’t. And if you are opting for somewhat cheaper wines, why not add in a bit of convenience and grab a can?


Cans may lack some of the grace and class of a bottle of wine, but often come at a much cheaper price like their boxed counterparts. Cans also add an air of convenience–as has been showed on a number of TV shows–the risk of spills is lessened considerably,  nice asset to have if you’re having a drink near kids, pets or particularly animated friends.


Like virtually every other wine on the planet, not all canned wines are created the same. Here are a couple of the better ones on the market right now.



At roughly $25 for a four pack of cans, Underwood offers a good blend of quality and quantity at an affordable price. Created by Union Wine Company, Underwood comes in pinot noir, pinot gris, sparkling and rose.



Trading a somewhat less refined look in favor of a cheaper price and a convenient straw, Sofia from the Coppola Family Wine line gives off a younger and slightly more feminine vibe to it, but that certainly shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it–if you’re drinking canned wine you likely aren’t overly concerned about keeping an uptight classy appearance anyway.


Alloy Wine Works

Wine Folly’s choice for the best canned rose doesn’t disappoint. The rich and fruity wine made with grenache grapes has received favorable reviews from wine reviewers at a very affordable $30 for a four pack.


If you do choose to indulge in canned (or boxed, for that matter) wine, do it right. Don’t show up to a dinner party with a 6 pack of Underwood in your hand and a Little Caesar’s pizza. There’s a time and a place for cheap wines, and classy affairs aren’t an example. However, if you and a friend want to sip on some wine at the beach, at a concert or in your living room, give the above choices a try, you might not be disappointed.

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