What Are The Top Three Largest U.S. Charities?


America is one of the most charitable nations in the world. Throughout the country, there are charitable organizationsthat address the needs of many different segments of society. Without these non-profits, many people would be left in dangerous and distressing situations. Here are the top 3 largest charities in the United States:

United Way Worldwide
The largest charity by donation in America, United Way Worldwide, was founded more than 125 years ago and served nearly 1800 communities around the world. The charity is currently headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. The purpose of this charity is to provide educational, health, and economic resources to underserved communities. United Way carries out this mission in more than 40 countries throughout the world. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018, United Way Worldwide’s total revenue was $3.9 billion.

Feeding America
Headquartered in Chicago Illinois, Feeding America has over 200 food banks throughout the country. Feeding America is the largest food charity and endeavors to provide hunger-relief for people experiencing food insecurity. Feeding America focuses on providing healthy food, making sure that the food provided is safe to eat, and distributing food to people in need. The organization also works with governments and businesses to supply underserved communities with the resources they need to improve their quality of life. Individuals throughout the country work as Feeding America advocates ensuring that government policies are designed to address hunger-relief. In the fiscal year ending in June 2017, Feeding America had $2.7 billion in revenue.

AmeriCares Foundation 
This particular charity specializes in global health and disaster relief. Located in Stamford, Connecticut, this organization works tirelessly to assist people when natural disasters occur in America and various parts of the world. Founded in 1979, Americares Foundation is committed to providing emergency medical aid to people in more than 160 countries. Medical providers can partner with AmeriCares Foundation to provide healthcare to those in need in the United States and abroad. Revenue for the 2017 fiscal year was $2.4 billion.

The aforementioned charitable organizations are responsible for assisting millions of people throughout the world. Donations are used wisely, and people are positively impacted by the services provided by United Way Worldwide, Feeding America, and Americares Foundation. Hopefully, these organizations will continue to assist those in need for years to some.

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What Qualities Do Successful Entrepreneurs Have?

What Qualities Do Successful Entrepreneurs Have_

Many people believe entrepreneurs are born while others tend to think circumstances shape their futures. You could say it’s a mixture of the two. Most entrepreneurs appreciate freedom over anything else. There is no greater freedom in determining how successful you’ll be or how long you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. If you want to work for yourself, you can always develop the qualities entrepreneurs have.

They Listen to Their Voice
Entrepreneurs know they will run into people who will tell them that they can’t do a variety of things. Most often, people tell you that you can’t do something because they’re too afraid to do it themselves or they fear they’ll have to change if you change. To be successful, you have to hold onto your dreams and make what you want possible. You can’t get discouraged when the bank tells you that you can’t get a loan. You can’t let people get you down when you don’t close on a sale right away. Success comes to those who keep on no matter what.

They Believe in What They’re Doing
Entrepreneurs aren’t out to just make a lot of money. Money helps you to do the things in life you love, so it’s part of the reason people go into business for themselves. However, to be successful, you have to want to genuinely impact people’s lives and desire to change the world for the better. These are the motivating factors that drive entrepreneurs in business. This sets entrepreneurs up for success because people are naturally persuaded to get on board with their vision.

They Customize Their Life
Entrepreneurs live a customized life. Everything they do or see is dedicated to living the best life possible. They wake up early because no one else is awake. They have a morning ritual that gets them into the right mindset. An entrepreneur knows how to get into their flow. They do things that make them feel alive. They do all of this regardless of what others are doing. They also continually seek out ways to do things better or live a better way.

Entrepreneurs work incredibly hard, but they also work smart. They know what they want isn’t for the faint of heart, so they’re willing to do what it takes to get it.

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What Are The Advantages That Older Adults Bring As A First-Time Entrepreneur?

What Are The Advantages Older Adults Bring As A First-Time Entrepreneur_

It’s never too late for untapped potential, and in the world of entrepreneurship, this has never been truer. With age can come broad knowledge, management experience, and numerous professional contacts. Many successful businesspeople have begun their entrepreneurial careers after age 50. Some of them include Chris And Susan Beesley (online business education website), Michael Grottola (consulting firm), Angie Higa (Sky Dreams manufacturing company, Olive Lynch (composting company) and Cinde Dolphin (winemakers’ public relations firm).

Age is but a number, say business experts, and it’s all about the vision when developing success at the entrepreneurial stage. Older adults have unique advantages. For instance, there are more first-time entrepreneurs over the age of 45 (51-percent) than those under the age of 45 (48-percent).

Older folks understand money better, are not silly to take on crazy wild risks and realize how the structure of capital works. The founders of the McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken empires were all over 50 when they launched their businesses.

Working for a large organization also contributes greatly to the mature first-time entrepreneur. The general management skills and security gained at this level are seen as excellent preparation for building a start-up on the ground up and becoming their ultimate boss.

An older person possesses more innovation potential for keeping the customer happy. Emotions drive transactions, and successful enterprises are those that make a lot of people happy and better off. Understanding the customer and solving their problem is a key part of the industry.

The mature business person can lean on the deeper network they have attained through years of experience in drawing potential customers. Being active in one’s community also leads to stronger ties with investors, employees, mentors, etc. A younger entrepreneur usually lacks such a diverse base to work with.

The older a business person is, the more likely they are to fear failure, but business experts say this is a good thing. No one wants to see their venture go under and fail, especially when they’ve had much success in their past business history. The mature entrepreneur is more likely to try harder when the going gets tough. Fear of failure is an excellent motivator; once they jump in, that fear keeps them going.

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President Trump’s Points From The 2019 State Of The Union Address

President Trump's Points from the 2019 State of the Union Address

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address delivered on February 5, 2019, was a call for unity between the two political parties so that more progress can be made for the safety and success of Americans. He urged his audience to recall the challenges that Americans have overcome in the past year, citing natural disasters and tragic situations. He touted successes in the growing economy, mentioning the lowest levels in U. S. history of unemployment for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans.

Further, President Trump reminded his audiences of what Americans have done for each other, citing the heroics of police, soldiers and firefighters for their fellow-citizens during times of natural disasters and crises. He did this in the hope of inspiring legislators to come together in like fashion and end “the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution.” He cautioned that “ridiculous partisan investigations” into his administration and his private businesses could negatively affect the upward trend of the economy. Further, President Trump urged legislators to “…seek common ground and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve.”

President Trump proudly referred to the creation of 2.4 million new jobs since he has taken office, 200,000 of which are in manufacturing alone. He touted tax cuts for businesses and also alluded to the reduction in taxes for working Americans and the doubling of the child tax credit. The President spoke of trade deals with other countries and the end of the “war on American Energy.” A further improvement that the President wants is a strengthening of the infrastructure of America. He called upon Congress to compose a bill generating at least $1.5 trillion for investment in new infrastructure.

The President mentioned that he has directed his Administration to work toward driving down high drug prices, stating that one of his priorities is the reduction in the cost of prescription drugs. He wants Americans who are terminally ill to be given the “right to try” any potential cures. President Trump is also convinced that the intellectual property of Americans should be protected.

Although he negated the socialist movement among some Democrats by praising capitalism and declaring that America will never become a socialist nation, throughout his address, President Trump returned to the theme of unity, preserving the Constitution, protecting religious liberty, serving veterans, and removing Federal employees who fail the Americans’ trust. “The era of economic surrender is over,” Trump also asserted as he alluded to the new trade arrangements and his dedication to a stronger America in the eyes of the world. He concluded by stating that as long as Americans are proud of who they are and they have confidence in traditional American values, faith in the citizenry and trust in God, America will not fail.

How To Help Ensure Financial Success In 2019

How To Help Ensure Financial Success In 2019

At the start of a new year, it is important to find ways to take your life to a whole new level. Before you can progress in many areas of your life, you need to make sure that you are feeling financially secure. This is why it is important to have set yourself up for a very successful financial 2019. Learning the different ways to make this will prime you for financial success this year.

Beat back a lack of confidence
When you aren’t confident about your money making skills, your vocation, or your money management skills, it is going to be difficult for you to reach yth4e money making dreams and milestones that you have set out for yourself. Setting smaller financial goals will be a great way for you to build confidence in yourself financially by feeling those small successes regularly. Also, you need to learn to be more proud of yourself regularly even with the smallest financial improvements.

Build your communication skills
Being in a relationship can put a lot of strain on someone’s financial life. If you do not know how to talk about money with your partner, you need to make sure that you are working on your communication skills. The more you work on your communication skills, the easier it will be for you to come to an understanding with your partner about your money goals and ideas. There are even financial literacy courses that you can take to know how to better talk about money-related issues.

Overcome the fear of getting started
There are times where it can just feel too overwhelming to work on your financial life. If you are in too much debt or feel like you are just not making the type of money you need to pay all of your bills, you could feel stuck. Instead of giving into the fear, you need to make sure that you are getting started on your journey to financial success and stability.

The more you can tackle your financial issues this year, the better your financial life will be in the future. Make 2019 the year that you finally take charge of your finances and change your life for the better.

What Is Transformational Leadership, And Why Is It Important?

What Is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational leadership is one of the most admired forms of leadership that is highly advocated in modern-day workplaces. The leadership concept focuses on motivating and enhancing the morale of other individuals in an organizational setting. A transformational leadership style comes in handy in creating a suitable working environment where the social systems set in place target developing additional leadership qualities in the workers. Transformational leaders are largely inspirational, something that creates the necessary level of influence and persuasion that can spur other individuals to perform exemplarily well and meet their potential.

Importance of Transformational Leadership
Transformational leadership is highly important in workplaces. In general, it creates a suitable environment for organizational and individual growth. The leadership concept comes in handy in various ways.

Increased Performance
Organizations that are run under transformational leadership normally experience increased growth in virtually all aspects of organizational importance. Transformational leaders create a suitable environment for enhancing workers’ dedication and motivation. Motivated workers can easily meet their target, thereby enhancing corporate growth through increased sales and market penetration.

Individual Growth And Development
Transformational leaders target creating growth not only at the corporate level but also at an individual worker level. This gives individual workers the sufficient room to achieve personal development in terms of values, principles, and ideologies that come in handy when transforming an individual to become a reliable leader. Transformational leadership creates workers who are capable of inheriting leadership within the workplace.

Fostering Organizational Change
Change in the workplace is highly necessary. However, it is only through transformational leadership that such change can be conceived, initiated, and fully implemented successfully. Businesses that are run under transformational leadership can easily develop and nurture changes that prove critical to the organization’s long-term survival. The transformational leadership and governance created encourage individual workers to come up with ideas which can be incorporated within the organization’s vision, mission, and objectives.

Reduction in Employee Turnover Rate
Organizational settings where transformational leadership is upheld normally experience reduced employee and customer turnover rates. Generally, this is because of the suitable operating environment that helps create a conducive working environment for the workers. In turn, the environment helps workers to be greatly satisfied as their social and economic needs are fully met. Satisfied workers, on the other hand, dedicate themselves fully to the performance of their corporate duties including customer service.

What Are The Different Leadership Styles?


There is no single kind of leadership in the world. It is crucial to understand what kind of leadership style you have. That way you can make the most of your strengths and improve upon areas that can boost your performance. Here are various styles that you should know about:

The Micromanager
The micromanager is a leadership style in which you try to control the actions of employees and others beneath you on a very specific level. From the way they answer the phone, to the way they dress, you give your input. This isn’t necessarily bad, but make sure your team responds positively to this type of leadership.

The Laid Back Leader
Some leaders like to chill out and let things happen. They set a vision, form a plan, and just trust the right things to get done. They can be very friendly, but often need to work on their organizational skills.

The Connector
If you are a connector, you like to lead by first getting personal with others. You make quick friends on topics such as family, work, and hobbies. Your ability to connect makes your influence even more powerful when you lead.

The Motivator
Big personalities and high energy people are often the motivator type. They lead others with inspiration and excitement. They use emotion as a means to make everything else fall into line.

The Questioner
Some lead by asking questions instead of making demands or statements. For instance, they might ask their employees why they chose to perform a task in a certain way. In doing this, they help others to arrive at an answer on their own.

The Scientist
The scientist has a leadership approach that treats the world as a science experiment. They are always testing new ways and looking for the reaction. They often do deep thinking and need time alone.

The Rule Maker
The rule maker is more hands-off. They set clear rules for various aspects of the business. Then, they delegate the operations management to someone else.

When it comes to getting more out of life as a leader, knowing your style can help in more ways than one. So review the styles above. Then, understand what type you are so you can commit to making the most out of your core personality.

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