6 Ways to Incorporate Philanthropy into Your Daily Life

Philanthropy is becoming a part of life and there are numerous organizations you can get involved with. No matter what cause you’re passionate about, you’re sure to find a philanthropy devoted to it. More and more people are looking for ways they can engage in philanthropy, but it’s sometimes difficult to devote hours to volunteering for a cause. Fortunately, spending hours during your week working for a philanthropy isn’t the only way you can begin to be more philanthropic. There are simple ways you can incorporate philanthropy into your daily life while you try to schedule time you can volunteer into your routine.


Show everyone kindness


A great way to create a more philanthropic lifestyle is through showing everyone you interact with kindness. While there are going to be days when you just can’t smile, most of the time being kind doesn’t take much effort. Smile at strangers, be sincere when you ask people how their day is, and give your full attention to people when they talk to you. You never know what other people are dealing with and your small act of kindness could make another person’s day.


Save up small amounts


Maybe you wish you could donate money, but you don’t think a small donation can make much difference. While every amount helps, another solution is saving up money over a period of time and making one large donation each month or at the end of the year. You can save up your change or set aside a certain amount each week.


Incorporate it at work


If you believe you don’t have time to physically volunteer, it’s likely because a large portion of your week is taken up by work. A lot of companies give their employees specific time off to volunteer at charities, so it’s worth looking into whether or not your company does the same. If your company currently does not, suggest that employees could take one day a year to volunteer, then reference the various benefits gained from volunteering.


Mindful purchasing


Another way you can make a difference is through mindful purchasing. Take a little time to research what companies treat their workers the best, are environmentally-friendly, and give a portion of their proceeds to charity. There are more companies than ever that advertise their ethical practices and you can find dozens of websites that list what companies are the best to patronize.


Donate old items


A great way to get involved in simple philanthropy is through donating your old items. Everyone has clothes or products they no longer use that can be donated to a homeless shelter or thrift store. Sort through your closets and storage spaces and pack up what you no longer need. You’ll declutter your home and also engage in everyday philanthropy!


Give small portions of time


Finally, though you may not think you can find it, take some time to actually volunteer somewhere. While you might not be able to give hours a week to an organization, there are many that let you volunteer on the weekends and only for a couple of hours a month. Your community may have a single day where people come out to volunteer; get involved! Even just a few hours throughout the year can make a difference and helps you get directly involved in philanthropy.