DC Political Fundraiser Elliot Broidy Runs Afoul Of The Law

Elliot Broidy is an example of money in politics gone mad and bad.

Originally published BY DAVID KAMIONER – LifeZette – OCTOBER 5, 2020

Elliot Broidy’s name is synonymous with DC sleaze. Despite being no neophyte it comes to public corruption, Broidy reemerged a couple of years ago as an ersatz Trump campaign insider. He attempted to profit from chuffed up political access and recently even from COVID-19, as reported in a recent article about his firm, Circinus Worldwide (formerly Circinus LLC) by The Intercept.

Broidy has a past. The former Democrat who later turned GOP bundler plea-bargained a conviction in 2012 for bribing New York State Pension Plan officials. In the plea deal Broidy had to pay $18 million in restitution and become a government witness, testifying against colleagues. The judge in that case even praised Broidy for his “zealous cooperation.” This would have sidelined the public life and political pursuits of most. But for Broidy it was just a pothole on the return road to skullduggery, but on a larger scale.

After resurfacing as a donor and a defense contractor with a new business called Circinus LLC (and now renamed Circinus Worldwide), Broidy emerged as an early Trump supporter. He leveraged his way into a slot as a Republican National Committee Co-Chair and joined Trump’s Inaugural Committee. He did so in plain sight, while portraying himself as an effective political bundler to real estate honchos, gaming moguls, and heirs to megabusinesses. In reality, Broidy took on a major lobbying effort selling the White House to anyone he felt could pay him for access.

Originally published BY DAVID KAMIONER – LifeZette – OCTOBER 5, 2020

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