How To Help CEOs As A Business Development Leader This Year

How To Help CEOs As A Business Development Leader This Year (1)

The business development department of any organization is the engine that drives growth. However, it’s the CEO that provides leadership and direction for the organization as a whole. Since CEOs aren’t directly involved in the daily business goals of the company, it is easy for a disconnect to develop between business development leaders and the C-suite. With a little effort, these challenges can be overcome, and business development leaders can more effectively support the CEO’s vision for the company.

It all begins by gaining an understanding of the CEO’s vision and perspectives. It should go without saying that it is easier to support somebody’s objectives if you first understand their perspectives. Surprisingly, many business development leaders never take the time to truly get to know the CEO’s perspectives and therefore operate in a constant state of anxiety. However, once you understand what the CEO’s perspectives are, you can align your goals to their vision for the organization. 

You can do this more easily if you simply ask how you can help. Have regular check-ins where you focus on how you can help them achieve their vision for the coming month, quarter, or year. Keeping these lines of communication, open and flowing is essential to providing proper support to the CEO. Make it a point to have an open-door policy so that you can build the kind of relationship that makes you responsive to the CEO’s wishes.

Finally, it’s important that everybody working on your team is as enthusiastic about meeting your goals as you are. This begins with meeting with other department heads on a regular basis to make sure that everybody is on the same page with the CEO. Meet with the heads of the finance, strategy, and sales departments before you even think about executing a large project. Once you have everybody excited and engaged in achieving the goal set forth by the CEO, you will find both your work and your relationship with the C-suite will improve. This collaborative and enthusiastic approach should yield the best results for the whole organization. 

Being able to challenge the ideas put forth by your CEO and appreciate their leadership style are all characteristics of a healthy working relationship. Helping your CEO to remain focused not only makes your job easier but trickles down to the rest of the organization.

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