Non-Profit Organizations On The Rise

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In the past decade or so, disruption has been one of the key terms everyone hears in technology and other industries. What many people may not realize is that young entrepreneurs have been revolutionizing the world of philanthropy, too. They’re doing this with many of the same tools that spell success in the for-profit world.

GiveDirectly is just one example of how technology has made it possible to make big changes in the world of philanthropy. Founded by Michael Faye, the CEO of Segovia Technology, this charity gives money directly to families in need in Africa. GiveDirectly allows donors to send money to people in need directly from their cell phones. What’s more, GiveDirectly gets great reviews from organizations like GiveWell and news outlets like The Guardian. Faye’s understanding of economics and development is comprehensive. He earned a Ph.D. in the subject at Harvard and has also studied Math and Classics. In addition to running GiveDirectly, Faye serves on the Council of Foreign Relations. His vision for the world will be making waves for years to come.

Or take Yuva Unstoppable, a non-profit working in the developing world. Founder Amitabh Shah had just finished his MBA at an Ivy League school when he founded this non-profit. It was inspired by the abuse faced by his former nanny. Shah had the chance to work for JPMorgan, but gave that up to go to India and find a way to make a difference for some of the world’s poorest people. His fledgling organization offered volunteer services to the elderly, slum-dwellers, and children. That was 14 years ago. Yuva Unstoppable has a presence in dozens of Indian cities today and serves millions of children.

SeekHelp, founded by Dr. Rachel Wurzman and Jennifer Nicolaisen, helps address gaps in the addiction treatment market. This organization is based in Western North Carolina, an area that has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. After a friend of Nicolaisen’s emerged from detox with no good options for follow-up care, she worked hard to create one. By partnering with Dr. Wurzman, she was able to develop a program that helped keep addicts from lapsing back into isolation and disorder thinking. In just over a year, over 100 people joined their program.

About The Author
Yuri Vanetik is an Entrepreneur, Business & Finance Expert, Political Coalition Builder, and Philanthropist. He brings over 25 years of professional experience across a wide range of industries, and has become known as a leader for his entrepreneurial spirit. Yuri Vanetik has been featured in notable publications, including the Wall Street Journal, California Business JournalForbes, and Bloomberg Law.

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