Utilizing Social Media in Your Philanthropy Page

Social media has become a part of society. Nearly everyone has multiple social media accounts on the various platforms available. Businesses constantly research ways to reach consumers through  social media and what the best practices are to bring attention to their product. It’s time that philanthropies do the same. The millennial age group has a particular interest in philanthropy and they’re also the group that has the highest social media usage. By utilizing social media, philanthropies can attract more donations and volunteers and seriously advocate for their cause.


Do some research

Before ramping up your social media usage, research how best to approach it. Learn what your target age group is and the social media outlets they use the most. Check out other philanthropies that use social media and see how they do it effectively…and not so effectively. Decide which methods would work for your organization and then craft a plan. It’s important to approach social media in an organized manner so you can make significant progress.


Engage with your followers

If you want to really get a response to your social media pages, you need to engage with your audience. Once people start commenting and sharing posts, create a dialogue with them. Craft posts that encourage interaction from followers. Consider hosting some kind of giveaway or create a unique hashtag. You’re also likely to get messages and reviews from people, so make sure you’re engaging with those in a timely fashion. If the organization is directly contacted, try to respond within a couple of hours. This method gains you a reputation as a philanthropy that actually engages with those who are interested.


Post regular updates

When you first start utilizing social media, you’ll be updating regularly, but it’s important you remember to continue posting updates after the first few weeks. Consider creating a blog for your organization where you can post weekly articles and pictures. Without quality content and regular updates, your audience will become uninterested and it’ll be difficult to attract new followers. This point is why it’s so important to have a plan for your social media before you even start posting.


Add a personal touch

While you want to keep followers updated on news and events, it’s also important to add a personal touch. Delegate the role of managing social media to someone on your team who has significant knowledge and experience using different platforms. Work with them to craft your approach and what kind of content you want to share, then get to work. By having one person deal with the majority of the responsibility associated with updating the organization’s social media, you’ll create a recognizable voice for your social media persona. Make informal posts that let followers see behind the scenes and know who’s running your social media accounts.


Share pictures…lots of them!

Add pictures of your volunteers and employees, as well as the activities you do to help your cause. When the philanthropy has an event, take lots of pictures to share on social media and give followers a visual of who or what they’re supporting! Photos give your philanthropy authenticity and shows you’re actually working on accomplishing your mission.



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